Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Snow memories and plans

Having older children is fun.
I really enjoy the fact that they've grown up, even though it makes me feel old sometimes.

Last night we sat together telling the others about our favorite winter memories.

It's fun that we all share snow as the main ingredient of them.

I remember when I was three or four that the big boys of the neighbourhood had adopted me and taught me how to use a sledge to get the highest speed going down the hill in one of the streets nearby.
I guess I was without fear, because they (the gown men who were once those boys) remember me as the fastest of all.

Now the boys want to do that too next winter when we have snow.

They have planned to buy snow tubes and go to the area outside town where there are some steep hills.

This is not three year old stuff, this is grown up stuff.
Their plans are thought through so well, that I suggested they'd better contact the Guinness Book of Records.
They looked at each other in such a way that I won't be surprised if they will.

Oh me oh my!!!


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