Friday, October 22, 2010

Smelling like a forest

Yesterday we went to one of the shops we often went to in the past when the children were young.

It's a shop that sells lots of wooden products, homemade soaps, toys that leave enough phantasie for the child to develop its creativity and some old fashioned items one can't find anywhere in the country.

Ofcourse we walked in yesterday and to my joy they still had the same spirit floating around.

It was like someone pushed me through a mirror of time.
Even the children who were with us had the same feeling and soon memories flew all over the place.

Smelling soaps, trying out handcreams, discussing household items, admiring glasses and children's prams made of reet.
We forgot the time watched children play and listened to the musicboxes we turned in our hands.

Then I found the sachets with smells.
The rose was soft, the lavender a bit too sharp, the flowery summer breeze just right and the woodsmells remembering me of my youth.

Often, on sunday afternoons, my father took me for a walk and taught me everything he knew about plants, herbs, animals and the seasons.
It was a time when meat tasted right, herbs were only used fresh and the nuns picked their own apples from the trees in their garden.

Each season the wood smelled completely different and this sachet gave me the smell of misty autumn, with it's strong christmas smells.

Now it's in my room and the whole level of the house smells like it.

Even my hands, now I'm downstairs.
What a pity I bought just one sachet.


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