Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a ship on the waves of democracy.

We'll have a new government soon.
It was about time.

Not many are happy with it though.

Living in a democracy means that a mayority should have it's say in the government, whether they represent my opinion or not.
The smaller parties can comment, vote against and play the role of opposition in many other ways.

When they do well, they'll grow at the next elections, and the governmental ones will get less votes.
That way the government is like a ship on the waves of democracy.

We all know that part of the population are not interested in politics. They vote either for what they've known all their lives or for the person who screams the loudest or for the person who has simple statements about issues that are in their world of attention.

So they did and thus created a real problem.
They voted for someone who uses freedom of speech as an excuse to create hatred among people and discrimination.

That person could have been part of the government, but none of the parties was willing to work together.
The only solution was to have him agree with the plans of the new government without taking seat it in.

Thus a majority-government changed into a minority government.

Today the last meetings with the new ministers will be held and it's expected that at thursday we'll have a new government.

We don't know how long it will last, as not many people are happy with it.


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