Friday, October 29, 2010

Our Count Down - 5

After our request to replace the female guardian and keep the other one, or in case both of them would be replaced to grant us just one guardian, ànd in case again two would be an appointment organise a meeting to explain us why, we got a rather short and slighly unkind mail:
The female one was releaved from her duty to us, and the other one wouldn't return either.

It was not really a surprise, as they both were so very clear they always worked as a team.

We will hear more next week.

Nothing about the father of the children returning home.

Today we had a meeting at school to discuss a few issues in the presence of their lawyer.

It's time the contactperson of school makes the moral right choices or face the consequences. That's how we feel it.
Even though we don't want to put our children through courtcases we made the school clear that it would be easy for us to start one or two and win them both.

Not only can we start a courtcase accussing the teachers of slander of the girls, me and the relationship between me and the father of the children, we can also start a courtcase about negligence on the part of those teachers and/or school.

We certainly will win them all.

The contactperson and representative of school has said, according to official papers, that the statements and other information of the teachers about our girls could be used by child protection.
He said to us he's never said that, but at the moment that's not to be told to us.

The lawyer stated in the beginning of the meeting rather often that we've had a courtcase and the law has spoken, but I told her she should get better informed about family law. There they don't care for proof beyond reasonable doubt at all. They work just with opinions, even in areas where there good tests are available.

The decision of the court was made on false information and what is said about our girls should be rectified.
Child protection should know that schools control what is done with the information that is given, because it looks like they have added words which were not said.

We have stated all the way from the moment we saw the reports that huge mistakes were made. We've stated many times that those teachers were not able to give information about our girls, yet, that information was used, because they couldn't find anything wrong about the girls anywhere.

School should take action to rectify statements so the new guardians will get informed about why we got them in the first place and why they can't find any problems with the girls.
And when we have the meeting about our complaints at child protection we can take the rectification with us so we can show them that what we said in the first place was right.

The only new information we heard during the meeting was that one of the teachers wasn't allowed to be a groupteacher anymore and he was not to be in contact with parents anymore.

At the end of the meeting I showed the human implications of all what has been going on.
I think I touched a soft spot... or was it show?

Only 300 days to go...


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