Saturday, October 23, 2010

Online tutoring

As a mom of creative children who follow lessons outside the regular curriculum to develop their talents I know how hard it is to find good, affordable homework help at times the children are able to work with a tutor.
The school offers Free homework help at times my girls are attending ballet lessons, and they have no Math homework help available.

One of my sons told me about a friend who got online tutoring and a phonecall to his mom provided me a lot of information.
Online tutoring and assignment help is available 24/7 for K-12 and college students.
It's very easy to use, doesn't cost a fortune, and the kids can connect to a tutor at a time that's convenient to them and as often as they need it.

The girls used to get Free math help
from their eldest brother and their father. I'm not a real Math problem solver and even though I've been teaching statistics, I'm not the perfect person to explain College algebra to them.
I'd rather leave that to the experts who can explain Factoring polynomials and
Math word problems without blinking an eye.

The past two years I could explain maths just once a day, but now they're working at two different levels and with a complete different system I was taught at school and at college, I have a hard time keeping track of their homework.

Especially for my dyslectic daughter has been a huge support.
Instead of hearing the explanation she can read it a few times and when she doesn't understand she can ask her tutor to explain it in a different way.

They're gorgeous and well worth the attention of every parent.


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