Thursday, October 7, 2010


The weatherforecast was: nice weather in the afternoon.

Instead it was humid and grey, grey and grey.

The laundry isn't dry at all, I didn't do anything of the outside plans, like cutting the shrubs, and we were confronted with noise all day.

A few years ago an airfield was opened about 30 km's from here.
We wouldn't experience anything, they promissed.


One of the other southern airfields is closed due to the fug, and I think the weather around this airfield isn't wonderful either, as it sounds like the same planes fly circles.

It's crowded in the sky and I won't think about what might happen when something goes wrong.

On regular days we don't hear a thing, so that makes the noise now so much more present.
The rumble coming with the sound prevents music to mask the noise. Otherwise i would put on the radio and be happy forever.

Do you ever experience such thing?


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