Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Modern design

Two of the boys planned to pay a visit to their favorite trainmuseum next week.
They went there often when they were younger, but the visits stopped when they couldn't travel on cheap childrentickets anymore.

The past years the museum has renewed it's collection and the building has undergone major changes.
They've become far too curious not to go.

With the girls we've been making plans too.
Ofcourse we want to go to sea, if that's possible, but we can also go to an exhibition of modern furniture.
So we've got a nice weather and bad weather plan, and we're OK with that.

We like extravagant design and new ways to remodel daily used items, like furniture and clothes.
People don't often understand that young people have such outspoken interests and one of the girls has intense criticism last month from people who don't even like flowers on their handkerchiefs and prefer grey as the main "color" of their clothes.

Well, we don't care.
She might go to the fashion and design academy, so why not give her the freedom to use all the creativity she's got inside?

I like the idea of creative design encorporated in daily used items.

And you?


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