Monday, October 11, 2010

Men and their clothes

Call me an expert in men's clothing, you won't hear me complain.

With 5 men who want to be dressed in the most comfortable way possible I know what to look for.

They all want to feel a better person when they're dressed, but they don't want to compromise on anything.

So one wants his clothes as wide as possible. There's no need for him to look as baggy like he wears second hand clothes of someone with 5 sizes larger. He's slim, handsome and has the perfect body of a dancer. Yet, he wants his clothes soupple and wide.

Another one simply doesn't care what he wars, another one only wears black, even though he's not gothic or anything else. He just prefecrs black.

And another one wants his clothes look after the latest fashion, and with the perfect fit. He learned at an early age that when you want something special you have to save your money for a long time, and he still needs some comments when he states he wants the right name at the right place.

The worst taste in fashion has the one who wears stripes. He loves stripes.
He tries out a skirt and when he likes it he buys about 25 pieces of them, so he'll never is without a favorite shirt.
I've never taught him that! I only buy two of the same. LOL!

Teaching men the joy of wearing good clothes is one of the hardest jobs in the world.


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