Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mattresses, boys and girls

When we bought bunkbeds for the girls because they really wanted them, we didn't buy new matresses, because they were both rather new.

We were lucky with the right sizes, otherwise we had those extra costs.

But when I checked the mattresses like I often do I saw that not the girls' ones needed attention but one of the beds of the boys.
He really needs a new mattress.
I don't know what boys do, but they're less careful with their things than girls. They need new chairs and bedwear so far more often than the girls.

They have had the same upbringing, so that doesn't make a difference.
It's a gender issue I presume, as both girls are aware they should be tidy and careful with things so they last longer, and the boys just don't care. Unless I tell them they have to pay for new stuff themselves.

When money is involved, a behaviour change can be made.
I think, however, that one has to feel one wants to be careful with things.


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