Friday, October 8, 2010

making appointments

Do you experience the same when you're trying to make appointments with people?

It takes forever to make a convenient appointment with people who work parttime, even when they have a shared jobposition.

More and more people work part time, either because the hours are diminished as a result of the recession, or because more women have entered the jobmarket and they don't want to spend all their best hours at work.

I don't care if people work fulltime or not, as long as they do their job well. But when the first step: making an appointment, isn't a smooth one, I'm either confronted with someone who doesn't care much for the job and delivers mediocre work, like bad reports, or someone who is so perking up the ego, that I don't feel comfortable any more.
The people I've met along the way made mistake after mistake, forgot a lot, and didn't acknowledge their own mistakes.

The good ones are real exeptions.


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