Saturday, October 9, 2010

Last greeting of summer

Today is the last day that we'll have beautiful weather with resonable temperatures.
I bet the neighbours will enjoy their outdoor fireplace this evening. Tomorrow the sun will shine but temperatures will drop towards those which are normal for this time of year.

I planned to use a free travel ticket for the train today, but none of the kids felt like going somewhere.
They're all far too tired and/or tied up to their homework.

So the last chance of enjoying the sun and even a slight feel of vacation is over.
It's too late to go now.

All I can do now is make a dinner that smells and tastes after vacation.
So I've bought mussels.

I love them.

I wish we have an outdoor fireplace, because a long time ago I was with friends who knew that roasted mussels were great. I'd never heard about them before, so I was rather curious.

It was a wonderful experience.
Especially because we had so much fun.

So today it's the last greeting of summer, and it'll greet the laundry, and not me at the beach.


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