Friday, October 15, 2010

Insight in their filthy thoughts

I can't think of any other titel for this post after just one quick look into the paperwork of the organisation that should care, really care.

They don't.

Like all the accussations vented or carefully worded on paper I can only say that my experience is right the same: they're heavily sedating themselves with tunnelvision, with tremendous ego's and the illusion that they know it all.

They don't.

In the meeting about our list of complaints we were asked for two words to describe these people and I simply couldn't.
I've been thinking all week about it and I still don't have two words to describe it all.
Injustice, ignorance?

And two words for these people?
Because that was the question.
Let's say I've always been hesitant to call or describe people with names which were used in WW2, but after all these experiences I'm far less hesitant when these people are concerned.

I'm not going to read all the reports which are written about us.
There should be some self-protection in this all.
I know the life I'm leading, I know my integrity, I know the care I have for people, for my children.

They think they can judge me (without being a judge or a divine being) from their own set of views and opinions. Because they're working at a certain organisation and have had some education in some theories (One even during a time that the students were more in strike than in the classroom) they call themselves professionals.
Their faces are so grim, their eyes wrinkled at places that suggest frowned eyebrowes too, their mouths so firmly closed that eacht time I see one of them I wonder why they don't have stretchmarks all up to their ears.

They judge me from some world of ideas that I wonder how they survive, because no one can live up to their standards. They must feel so isolated and lonely in this bad grim world, an alien. No wonder they push around and away good, loving and caring people.
No wonder they don't recognise a good family and good people.

They think they can judge me and us, but they can't.
We don't belong to their system of thought.
They judge my non-verbal behaviour from their own standards, but I don't belong to their world.
When I sit back I'm not disengaging from the conversation or not interested. When I sit back I'm more concentrating, listening with my heart, observing.
And that's just one example.

Well, that they call the love of our children towards us loyality says it all, doesn't it.

The reports showed their way of thinking and judging so clear, that we felt deeply hurt.
How can people think so bad about us?

It's good we didn't go to the last meeting, because they had a contract which the father of the children needed to sign.
They wanted him to sign away all contact with the children. All because their thoughts made them accuse him of the most terrible offence against children.
They wanted to manipulate him into signing, by blackmailing him with taking the children out of their home.

Because they already planned to bring us to court all they had left was to do that as soon as they did, with the knowledge we couldn't defend ourtselves properly.
This is justice in our country!
Which doesn't feel as our country anymore. It didn't feel like that before this all happened, and it certainly doesn't now we know this all.

I'm not talking here about some highly educated people who use scientific methods to
assess facts.
I'm speaking here about some social workers with a teamleader who doesn't have the decency to listen to complaints, but who uses all the tricks out of the book to trouble the conversation, to break off sentences, etc etc.
When I suggested proper assessment by experts they almost panicked. Which is strange, because they use a "behaviour specialist" to look through some answering forms.

It would be a nice task for the new government to assure that families like ours come in contact with the very best in assessment the country has to offer, not with those who can't find a job elsewhere or who want to save the world from evil.
Our experience might differ from others (but not from many others, I know that), but I consider them evil.
They tried to break up our family (he still doesn't sleep at home because we're afraid of the consequences they might impose on us), they treated my girls completely unethical, uncaring and with utmost disrespect, because they have an opinion.

They use blackmail and manipulation to deal with people.
I've mentioned this in court, expecting the judge to ask me for some concrete examples.
She didn't.

This is considered to be a prestigeous western country but family law hasn't developed any further from the old men under the tree judging a case. It's even less, because these old men knew their people and listened with their heart and with wisdom. And they were chosen by their people.

Here children's rights and family's rights are violated and it's accepted, even by lawyers.

This feels so sick!!

It's not my intention to offend those who do their jobs well.
In fact it's not my intention to offend anyone. Those which are mentioned won't feel offended because they think far too highly of themselves to feel addressed.

Thank you for enabling me to use my freedom of speech to speak out against injustice.


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