Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The implants and healing

Two weeks ago I had surgery in my mouth to implant the basis for a crown.

The implant was supposed to be done at the left side of my mouth, but when the photos were taken it turned out that after the hige extraction, the bone wasnt healed well enough to implant.

It was decided to put the implant at the other side where I had an extraction a few years ago.

The implant went rather quick and I was very surprised about that.

When I went for my check up the detist expressed his surprise too.
Healing went well, even though there are flares of unrest in the area.

Before surgery I got a boos of antibiotics and the rest I got in the afternoon. So what one usually takes in 10 days was not given in one.
It cured my cold. Haha!! Which was a surprise as we all thought it was viral.

Right now all is rather well.

But looking back, I would have taken this a bit more serious.
I've been so very tired....ugh!!


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