Thursday, October 7, 2010

Identitycard: for free!!

Today we heard some good news: the cost for identitycards will go down dramatically. In fact they will be for free in the very near future.
When the councils won't appeal it will be quick, otherwise it'll last a bit longer.

Because the government benefits more from the identitycards than the civilans it's considered ridiculous we have to pay for them.

Great idea!

Passports will be as expensive as they are, because they're more of use for civilians.
I can understand that.

I still feel uneasy with the fact that we have to carry a passport or identitycard with us all the time.
In case we have to make clear who we are when the police wants to know.

The fines for forgetting are ridiculously high and forgetting to take a card with you is easy.
It's in the pocket of my coat, but... I change coats when the weather changes.
When I keep it in a bag, I have to remind I do, otherwise I forget to take it with me...when I take no bag with me, or when I take another one with me.

Maybe they should allow us to tattoo the number on our foreheads. Saves time and costs.


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