Saturday, October 23, 2010

His hand

Thanks for all the well wishes.

We didn't hear anything from the hospital, so we started to get worried.
Turned out the surgery had been postponed for a few hours.
It would have been nice to have heard that.

Well, we finally got the call that someone could fetch him.
No information how it went, nothing.

One of my sons went to hospital and phoned me that surgery went very well and they were coming home.

His hand was bandaged so well, that we could have used it as a football.
It looked ridiculous for a cut of a few cm's!

It would stay numb for 16 hours, he was told and it did.
Only after that time he got his feeling back, except for one side of the finger.
They've told him touch will come back there, but we'll just wait.

I had an operation at my abdomen and there's a huge area without any feeling, so we have no high hopes for him.

Up til now he has suffered almost no pain, so we expect the worst is over.
Tomorrow he'll start taking less painkillers.

It will take about a fortnight before we'll get the results. So then we'll know if it's benign or not.


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