Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Heartwarming icecream

We had a parent's evening today, one of 10 minutes!

So we left home more than an hour before the meeting, and had to travel almost two hours to get home, because of the terrible schedule of the busses in the evening.

When we arrived at school the light and warmt welcomed us. Outside it was raining and a cold wind was making it even worse.

We were glad to be in time and were looking for coffee. Nothing.

Then one of the cleaners asked us to come with her.
We were invited by those having a break to sit with them and eat icecream.
They had so much that they couldn't eat it all, and as some of them know us from the shops, it was easy to approach us. "You're normal people", one of them said.
It sounded like a compliment and we took it as such.
"Some people don't great us, and your children always say thank you when they see we have cleaned something."
I nearly got tears in my eyes.

The icecream was delicious, due to the fruit and the company that came with it.

It warmed our hearts.



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