Friday, October 22, 2010

Health subjects online

Now it's breastcancer awareness month much attention is on prevention of breastcancer in the media.

Here we have free breastcancer screening for women of certain ages, but when you're too young or too old you have to pay it yourself.
That means that young people with rare breastcancers find out too late that something is wrong.

Instead of offering all screening at the same day, screening for breastcancer, utueruscancer and other cancers are all on different days, and sometimes even at different places.
I think attendance will be higher when it can all be done at the same day and at the same place, with a hostess available to support those who are afraid of screening.

Breast cancer awareness month hasn't been an issue in our countries until about 5 years ago, when some women who blogged among the american women took the subject and brought it to their own national cancer society. I was one of them.
It took them 14 days to decide if I was allowed to put the logo of the national cancer society at my site.
They thought healthissues shouldn't be discussed online not even: are diet pills safe?.

Now it's a normal question women ask after breast cancer treatment and they can find good information online about all the subjects that are on their minds during recovery. Not only information given to them by the manufacturers and independent doctors, but also by other women who want to share their experiences.


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