Wednesday, October 13, 2010

He got compliments

Today my son got huge compliments at school that he showed so much initiative yesterday.

The hospital already called school and asked if my son would be enabled to do his practical training there.
They're already filling in forms and making agreements, so that is very promising.

I have to thank one of his friends who inspired him.

He works at one of the most difficult departments of the hospital, never complaints, and told my son just to act the way he felt he should do.

The influence of peers at this age is much more important than all wise advice of parents.

It's interesting that this all is happening, because it shows the people where he studied before, that he's very well able to deal with finding a place for practical training.
Maybe it makes them reconsider the way they deal with students during trying times like a recession. Maybe...
I doubt it.


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