Tuesday, October 12, 2010

He did it himself!

I'm very proud of my son, even though he came home and gave me a shock.

He stepped inside, closed the door and then said: "I've been in hospital today."
"What for, where are you hurt, what happened, why didn't you call me?"
I sprayed the questions over him and he just stood there and smiled.


We sat down and he told that he needs to have practical training for his studies (I knew that), and that he didn't want to do it at the school itself, but at one of the hospitals.

He went there at his own initiative. Wow!
The porters told him where to go, the person in charge of practical trainings was available, he even had thought about contacting the school to ask for people a few days ago. So all fell in place.

Now things need to be arranged between hospital and the school, forms need to be filled in and so on and so on.

As extra subject he asked to be admitted for the training for emergency assistance, which will enable him to work at the hospital, but also at the emergency services outside the hospital.

I'm so proud of him!


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