Wednesday, October 13, 2010

furniture and nature

One of my dreams is to have my own gardenhouse, where I can find some quiet and write my books and enjoy my music.

But even when that won't happen I hope that we'll be able to realise our dream to go to Scotland and have a small simple cottage with rustic furniture.

We own a small piece of ground there as our roots are Scottish.
(I'm allowed to call myself a lady. )

The natural look of log furniture makes a perfect match with the surroundings where I would like to live.
During rough and freezing winters elegant curls and smooth surfaces are a contrast to the feeling the weather causes.

I love the look of untreated wood.
It gives a peaceful feeling and a connectness to nature other furniture doesn't cause.
It doesn't need special treatment, unless you want to add colour, for instance. But I love the natural colour.

How about you?


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