Saturday, October 2, 2010

Friends, Again

1. Do you make and keep friends easily?

When I have the opportunity to be with people I don't know I get in contact rather easy, and growing to friendship is something that goes smoothly.
I'm very loyal to my friends and it;s easy to keep them, yes.

2. Who was your very first friend?

I'm not sure. But I remember Arnold.

3. Who has been your friend the longest now?

Max, without any doubt. I don't see him often, but that isn't necessary. I've exerienced fun, happiness, shared grief and sorrow, and when I called him because I needed a friend he finished work and was the human heart I needed.
40 years....

4. Tell us about your best friend.

No. I don't think he likes that.

5. Tell us about the friend who gets on your nerves the most, and why.

Why should I be that negative?

6. Tell us about the last time you let a friend down.

I can't remember I did so.

7. Tell us about the last wonderful thing a friend did for you!

People don't do often things for me. Most of the time it's the other way around.
Believing in me and trusting me, that's most important.

8. What was the last 'friend' thing you did?

I worry about his health, but I know he doesn't want to talk about it. So I respected that, while in the meantime I craved to know how his health is.

9. Have your ever been jealous of a friend's S/O?

No, I'm not a jealous person. Am I lucky or not?

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