Monday, October 18, 2010

First day of the vacation

Today was the first day of the vacation.
We tried to sleep in, but we're so used to being up in time that we were awake rather early.
The girls went down and I listened to the radio.

When I came down the eldest smiled at me from the couch.
They'd thought I was asleep and didn't tell me he was there.
Well, he had enough time to stay for hours and we had a good time talking about a lot of things.

In the afternoon the second son came too.
His school doesn't have vacation, because the main office is in an area where peopole don't have vacation yet.
That's so strange. Imagine we would have wanted to make a trip with the whole family.

Everything I planned was parked to have some quality family time and before I knew it was evening and I was still surrounded by the things of the summer-winter clothes change.

Right now part of it has been put away again.
One of the girls is staying with her friend for a night,
and there are many things to do tomorrow.
But we're taking it easy.

The weather is crap, so plans to go for a long walk to the beach are put aside.
It's no fun to travel all day in the storm, thunder and lightning and more of nature's harsh side.


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