Thursday, October 7, 2010

Finding a vacation

Because we've had no vacation at all we decided to have a good look at the travel deals to see if we can go either during the autumnbreak or maybe at christmas.

As we love the sea, the autumnbreak is the best choice, but after looking for something special for a couple of days I can only say that the chance we'll find something is very small.

Right now I would opt for a trainvacation through Europe.
Especially this time of year it's a real journey into another world to cross the 47 countries of Europe.
They are all so very different. Mountains, beach areas, flatlands, it's all there. Travelling Switzerland by train is one of the best ways to see everything they have to offer this time of year. When winter has started some tracks can't be assessed, but now one can see the beauty of autumn while sitting relaxed in a warm train.

I'm sure the children would love to sleep on a train. Which would add to the experience.

Right now, however, I'm still looking.


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