Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Financial thoughts

We have considered to appeal in court, but the costs are so high that we won't.
Running our family and household is our main priority and with the consequences of the recession and the bills of the lawyer it's a financial struggle already.

Next year new taxes will be introduced, the costs of insurances will rise, the rent will rise and we'll be facing more challenges.
On top of it the school organises 10 day trips to foreign countries and I can't even imagine that my girls will stay at home.
We're looking for sponsors, but it's not quite my talent to find them.

I think that we have to consider ways to deal with this all before the end of the year, including if we would use cash advances at the end of the months.

We are aware that it's not good to take a loan when it's not clear if one can pay in time, so don't worry.


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