Friday, October 22, 2010


Because I'm a mom of a large family I get the strangest questions, ranging from simple upbringing advice to medical subjects and questions I won't asnwer, because in my country people who haven't studied the subject are not allowed to answer medical questions.
So I refer them to their doctor, but sometimes I help them formulate a question and find simple information.

The last years it caught my attention that some questions are far more asked than during the years before. Main items are: hoew to deal with tiredness, and how to treat eczema.

People often assume that a skincondition is eczema whereas in fact it isn't.
So before starting any treatment one should first ask a doctor if it's really eczema or not.
Don't wait.
The skin might signal an underlying problem which might be serious.
An allergy might start with a rash, and the next time one is exposed to the allergenic substance more severe problems might arise. So you'd better know.

Basic knowledge: there are so many kinds of eczema that an advertisement that states that one cream or lotion can cure them all is not one to take serious.


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