Thursday, October 21, 2010

A day off and Ikoi.

Today we had one of our special vacation days.

That means that everyone had a say in what was going to happen.

Some decided to have a lazy day: sleeping in, reading, computering, listening to music and other things like that.

And some wanted to go shopping.
Because they needed necessary wintercoats and such we agreed, and took the traintickets we still had and used them to go to the next town and take a trip through some past memories and some very present shops.
We even visited one of those beauty shops where they were demonstrating a new acne treatment.

It was nice to be away from everything and have fun.
It turned out that the girl who needed a new coat had done some very thorough research the past week.
She new exactly what she wanted, why, and when we went to the shop she could even tell us how to get the best discount possible.

Needless to say that she got her coat and we didn't regret buying it.
You should have seen her face!!

I had no intention of buying something, except some ingredients for dinner. But when we went past the Japanese shop we had to enter.
The calm music immediately had a huge effect on us.
We've been visiting the shop for over 10 years now and each time we feel like visiting a sacred museum.
Some very expensive and unique items are on display, and the items for sale are all special too.
Because so many different people visit the shop and not all have wallets filled with thousands of euros, one can also find some small rings and stones for just a few eurocents.
So no visitor feels awkward walking around.

My attention was drawn by a very beautiful buddha statue. A child buddha with a large leaf in his hands.
I'd seen it before, and it had always been far too expensive.
But now the price was lowered tremendously, but it was still too much.

I forgot that. I was just looking at it, impressed by the serene face, the inward turned inner eye one could almost see.
It made me feel so quiet.

The owner saw me. Said nothing.
One of the girls was with me and she too was caught by the statue.

When we were paying for a nice stone of one euro for one of the kids who stayed at home, I said I was very impressed by the statue.
10 minutes later we walked outside with the statue carefully wrapped.
The shopowner gave us such a huge discount, that we could afford the statue without any pain. I nearly cried.

Now it stands in our room. It's very present in our room.
This evening it completely outweights the stress and pain we've experienced the past months.

When I carefully unwrapped the statue a name popped up in my mind: Ikoi.

I don't know what it means, so I have to look that up tomorrow.

But no matter what, the statue brought us something very special and the kind gesture of the shopowner will forever stay with us.


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