Monday, October 11, 2010


Isn't it strange that for some people it's almost impossible to live in the present.
They long for times to come and when that time has arrived their minds are not even realising it fully because they're already preparing for the next event.

When the children go to school after the summer vacation people are so very bussy with halloween, that they almost don't hear the children share their experiences.
their minds are occupied with naughty nurse costumes and green slimy masks, and at halloween they see christmasornaments and the christmastree in their minds.

Strange isn't it?

I've always had the happiness of enjoying dressing up.
As a balletdancer I considered myself very lucky to step into the feel of the costume.
When I changed, I didn't only change the outside, but i was also able to get the feel of the role I was playing.
That enabled me to dance in the right spirit rightaway.

For me it would be impossible to dedicate my attention fully to christmas when wearing a halleoween costume.

How about you?


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