Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ceiling fans

Living quite near an office area my doorbell is the perfect target for friends who work there and need answers.

Yesterday one of our friends showed up at lunchtime, pouring his heart out, that he got a task he couldn't deal with. I have to Find out who makes the Best Ceiling Fans here!, he said. But how could he know? How could he find the information he needs?

I smiled.

Do you need just one Ceiling Fan for your own home, or do you need a lot of Ceiling Fans, so the whole office will be ready for the next summer?

Turned out he had to find a solution for the office.

I remember they bought fans last year and almost everyone had comments because they didn't look firm enough, and during the first hot days they all broke down or were not able to cover the full area they were needed.

I told him that the best way always is to ask people who have experience with a product and to ask the national productreview for their publications on the subject.
In this case, however, I've looked into the matter a few months ago, so I could provide him with the information he needed.

You need to ceiling fans from Hunter, Minka Aire or Casablanca, to name a few, I said. Ones designed to look nice and to work heavy duty.
At Hansen they have the perfect ones for your office. Lots of choice and if I were you I would certainly go for the ones with lights.

Hansen? He asked.

Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans
They've got the most recent designs, energy friendly fans, which will be a wonderful addition to the office. They offer you outstanding service and the best price, so I can only advice you to call them and deal with the matter straightaway.

It was just before I wanted to make dinner for the children when he called me with a happy voice and told me he called. He was well adviced and all was settled.
The fans will be delivered at a convenient time and they won't have the problems they had last summer.

Isn't that great to hear?


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