Monday, October 11, 2010

Autumn weather

Looking outside I feel like sitting in the garden and enjoy the sun, but when I walked outside I went back to get my cardigan. Brrr, it's so fresh.

Last night I saw a thousand stars above my head.
No single cloud, no fog, just a clear sky which was amazingly clear.

Then the winds started blowing and the delightful just evaporated into infinity.

Summer's over, and as it seems, autumn will be short this year.
The night temperatures are almost at zero and tomorrow they'll be below zero.

It's as if autumn has overcome naure here.
Some trees are beautiful: orange and reddish brown, but other trees and the roses are still in summer mood, whatever that has been this year.

I have to prune a few trees, but I won't do it alone anymore.
I used to do it myself, but I think that with such a grown up men as sons, it's time they take over.


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