Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Autumn and the hot tub

Oh, it's so cold suddenly.
We had the heating on yesterday evening, because we really needed it.

Last week I could walk outside in a T-shirt, now I'm nuts to do so.

People are preparing the last things for winter here.
The caravans are gone, gardens are almost ready, and at the richer part of town the swimmingpools are emptied and the hot tub covers are put in place, so no leaves will drop in and they can enjoy the hot water at these chilly autumn evenings.

They neighbour at the back of our backgarden has hammered a lot last week to get a new gardenhouse or shed ready. I guess it's a shed, because his children are old enough to have their own bicycles now.

They have a small pool in the garden. The kids there love it.
We have to deal with the fact that he saved his money on the drainage. He just lets the water go, and it flushes over the path between the gardens right into the garden of our left neighbour and us.
A while ago one of the children fell and was all dirty.

Maybe he should take into account that not only nice gifts are given when one buys a cover.


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