Sunday, October 10, 2010


Yep, it's a special date.

It's the birthday of my first real boyfriend. He would be flattered to know I still remember that, but I'm sure he remembers mine too.

But I bet that's not important to you.

It was expected many people would want to marry today, but even though the weddinglocations were open not many people married.
Maybe because there's a strange feeling to wedding on a sunday. I don't know.

We had a quiet day. Just trying to enjoy the peace and quiet.
I wanted to go to town as the shops were open, but we just didn't.
And that was OK too.

The girls took their time to make their homework, we ate homebaked bread with cheese and ham for lunch. It made the whole house smelling delicious.

The nice temperatures outside are over.
The sun will be shining the next days, but the temperatures will go down dramatically.

So a whole summer has passed without us enjoying it properly. It's a lost summer. What a pity.


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