Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wrong medication!

I wondered why I didn't stay on top of the investigation that went on about two moneths ago.
I thought it was stress and the unusual situation that made me feel so very tired.


Today I found out I got the wrong medication for my metabolic disease, so my body couldn't get rid of the toxins.
You can compare it with a kidney disease patient who needs to be on dialysis three times a week to clear the blood.
But I'm more lucky as I can deal with the problem with a bit of care for what I eat and a tablet each evening. This enables some body enzymes to be activated well enough to clear away the toxins.

But when someone doesn't give me 50 mgs, but only 0,5 mgs...
Well, you can fill that in yourself.

I could trace the prescription back to me asking for 50 mgs.
But I can't see what happened between the doc and the pharmacy.

All I know is that I always check my meds, but that time I didn't. I was too busy with other more important things that a minor chance of getting the wrong meds.


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