Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wilmington NC real estate

Our wish to move to another country has broadened our vision a lot.
Not only do we think different about job opportunities, but also about the place where we want to live and housing.
We've found out that looking everywhere on the world enables a better description of our needs and wishes.

This new development is due to a friend in Brunswick County who told us that his family is so happy to live there that he thinks we would be too.

Considering the fact that one of my boys want to have a future in television and movieproduction we decided that Wilmington NC would be a good choice for us. Especially because this mom will have the beaches within reach!

Before making any decisions we had a look at Wilmington NC real estate. Without a proper place to live and good jobs moving there is out of the question.

Finding the best real estate agents was not a real problem as our friend recommended Century 21 Sweyer & Associates. The firm relies on 23 years of experience in the area and as they are located there, they know the properties and their surroundings very well.

I simply love internet and it's options, and I soon found the right place to find a
Wilmington NC real estate that fits our needs.
The listings page allows to fill in the prize range, amount of beds and baths, property styles, location, property features and even lot features and schools. The last is ofcourse a gorgeous option, because our children need to finish their education at a proper school.

I had a quick look at the new listings, which can be reached with ease from a lot of pages, including the main one, and found some very attractive properties.
I'm always amazed when I see that one gets so much more house than here for the same amount of money.

Another feature of the site I love is the link to new home communities. It seems to be so much easier to start in another country in a new home community, where the people in the neighbourhood are new too.

We're also considering the option of renting. It enables us to experience living there and perhaps make better choices, as we can have a quiet look around and not leave the choice to others.
Century 21 Sweyer & Associates offers the option of renting too, with a pleasant form to find a good listing that fits our needs.

I don't worry about relocation, not really, because the relocation staff will be able to inform us about everything we need to know: schools, shops, transportation, and anything else we need to know.

Isn't this a nice way to dream about the future?


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