Monday, September 20, 2010

We're bugged: alarm about beatles

It's a long time ago that scientists realised that with the foreign fruits and vegetables the socalled healthy imports also contained foreight animals and insects.
Much is written about snakes and other larger animals, but now the insects are in the news.

All sorts of beatles enter our country without people even seeing them.
Some eat grains and other products which were intended for human consumption.
Others like our gardenplanst like rhodondenderon and ivy.

It's discovered that far too many are in our country now and they're moving fast from the large airports (in the west) to the east. Destroying a lot of plants on their way.
Consider the fact that each and every one of thse tiny animals can create an offspring of 1200 and you'll understand scientist don't feel happy.

Crushing them under your feet isn't a real option.
You have to crush them all, otherwise one of those 1200 first offspring will create 1200 others and so on and so on, and they're not easy to crush. They're quite firm.

The problem is not a national one, but a European and even international one.
Products have to be checked far better.
They need to be clean, whether they arrive in airports, harbours or over land.
How they can be checked best and how much that's going to cost?

We'll first have to pay those scientists to research the matter.


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