Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wedding cake toppers

When we were in town last week we saw a few wedding cake toppers which didn't appeal to me.
You know those standard female and male figures which are too boring to see, let alone stand with pride on a wedding cake.
Mine are somewhere far back in a drawer.
I'll find them when we move.

That afternoon I wondered if none had the idea to make custom wedding cake toppers. Either almost real look-alikes or carucatures with large faces and small
bodies. Or ones with fancy clothes or the colours of the sport team.

I'm very happy for those couples who have already found out there is someone who makes custom toppers. And more. You only have to send a photo and make a few choices, like chosing the bodystyle.

The toppers are not limited to images of the bride and groom. The family dog and other figures can be created too, which openes a whole new range of party cakes.


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