Friday, September 10, 2010

Waiting for him to come back

The father of the children is to hospital because a surgeon has to have a look at his hand.

There is a groth on his finger that is causing problems.

It's there for quite a while now.

He noticed it as an irritated area after carrying grocery bags.
So he thought there was too much weight in the bags and they got the bloodcirculation down.
As it stopped irritating after a while he didn't pay any attention.

Then he injured himself grasping something, because the skin on a growth was scrapped against a rough surface.
He put a plaster on it and didn't pay any attention.

Well, during the years it has grown so much that it is bigger than a medium sized marble and after a lot of toodoo from us he finally showed it to the family physician, who referred him immediately to the surgeon.
For two appointments: one to have a look and make a guess what it could be, and one for removal.

because he wanted two appointments and not one, we drew the conclusion he was thinking it might be malignant, and told him so. He admitted that was his thought, but he also stated it could be all sorts of things, so he wanted the surgeon to consider the cause and act upon knowledge, instead of removing the thing, send it to the lab and then find out he should have been more carefull during removal.

So the finger is looked at right at this moment and I'm waiting for him to return home or call.


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