Sunday, September 12, 2010


We all miss the feeling one has after a good vacation.
As we had no proper relaxation that lasted longer than a day, as we didn't have the chance to take our minds of serious things, we can say that our vacation was no vacation at all.

I've been surfing internet to see if I could find a good last minute vacation for all of us, but couldn't find anything.

Wish we lived at the other side of the world so we could book a 3 or 4 day trip at Orlando Theme Park Vacations.
Orlando vacations are affordable and fun. A few days at Disney World, Sea World or Universal won't be a real problem, compared to what we have to pay here.
It's wonderful that whole packages can be booked, so you won't have too look for tickets, a hotel, transport. But you can get it all in one of you want.
And ofcourse you can buy tickets only, if you'd rather to do that.
It's your own choice.

I don't like golf at all, but those who do can have days to their heart's delight without coming home without a penny.

Visit their site and you'll know.

In the meantime we'll watch the rain and see something positive in that.
We've never seen so much rain in a summer.


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