Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Traditions: sending cards

In The Netherlands we have a very rich tradition of sending cards.

When a baby is born the announcement is made with a card. Only direct family and best friends are informed in person or with a phonecall.

The card mentions date of birth, birthweightm name of parents and siblings, and ofcourse the full name.
When children will be baptised the date and place is mentioned too.

Cards like these are collected by many.

Last week an american friend told me about their tradition of sending 1st birthday invitations.
Parties are much larger in her country than in ours.
In most cases we limit the party to family and close friends. And sometimes we invite the women who participated in the same group of pregnancy gymnastics.
So sendings cards for a first birthday isn't done here.

Main festivities to send cards are weddings, weddinganniversaries, but only when a party is involved, and when someone has died.

I've collecetd quite some birthcards, and you?


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