Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Today, another day is over.

Yesterday evening and today the news was very interesting for us.
The president of the Court of The Hague stated that judges are not reading everything they need to read because of lack of time.


That seems to have happened on our case too: a judge not reading what should have been read and balanced in her mind.

It still bothers me that we didn't get a proper courtsession with a search for the truth.
What we experienced was so very below level that a group elders under the main tree of the village would have done far better. I'm sorry, no offense intended, but that's how I really feel.

I'm no unfit mother and my girls are perfectly allright.

Well, we didn't hear anything today from those supervisors, but we got a mail for the complaint commission that their teamleader will get in contact soon to meet about our complaint.

I have to make a logo for this line of posts. :)


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