Friday, September 10, 2010

Steel buildings

We've got an area not far away that has been transformed from agricultural land into an office area.
Because of building constrictions there have been quite some issues about the area, and it attracted our attention. So when the sun came out yesterday, we took our bicyles and went there to see what has become of it all.

Because it was said the whole area was filled with steel buildings we expected a kind of hangar-like environment.

Nothing of it all!

It was plain amazing what we saw.

Ofcourse we saw some warehouses far away from the main area, and roads with garages and mini-storage warehouse buildings, but we also saw offices which looked exactly like stone buildings, with nice features in the roof, coloured glass and painted walls.
One part of the area, along the main road, residential steel building houses with lovely gardens gave such a friendly impression, that we stopped and had a good look around, to be sure we were still in the officie area.
We were. Lawyers, a dentist, a broker, all sorts of professions found themselves a place there and it really looked awesome.

I think we're past the time that steel meant only walls and roofs.
Right now you can design your own home and have it built from steel. Wow!


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