Friday, September 24, 2010

Solid oak flooring

One of my best friends is a midwife. 40 years now, so she has been at the beginning of many lifes.
She runs her own private practice and decided the past months to make some major changes.
She decided to share the practice not with two, but with three midwifes, so she can take more time for herself. And she decided to redecorate the whole practice.

We went for furniture last week and bought modern office furniture and today we went for flooring.
She wants the whole practice and entrance redone with one kind of flooring, so it should be one and the same material, able to deal with heavy traffic, as the entrenace is shared with a dentist and a lawyer.

The choice was not difficult: hardwood flooring.
Because the building has a very traditional, kind of victiorian look we thought Solid Oak Flooring would be the best choice.

Easy Step Flooring looks very sophisticated and is best quality.
Because it's possible to buy direct from the manufacturer the price is very reasonable, especially as the practice is very spatious and a lot of square metres are needed.
Added to it is the convenience of the best flooring installation services.
We've often seen that people who saved money on that had to deal with problems with the change of seasons. Either a raised or a dimished humidity and/or temperature caused serious problems due to bad installation and my friend can't permit that kind of disaster as she runs a very busy practice.

One of the other items of consideration was the time she needed to close the practice to have the work done.
As she could order online and opt for next day delivery and installation she could move forward fast with the redecoration.
The requirements for installation of a wooden floor are on the site, so all we needed to do is see if the place fullfilled the requirements. And ofcourse it did.

Ofcourse it's a good feeling that there's a 5 year warranty on the floor.
With such a good manufacturer and fitters no problems are expected, but one never knows.

We talked about ordering some free samples, which can easily done from the site, but it's not really necessary, as one of her collegues has the same flooring.

Easy Step Flooring is not only wonderful to walk on, but also to deal with.


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