Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A schoolbuilding and education

It's so quiet here.

The rain has finally stopped, the storm is blowing around houses elsewhere, no young children in the playground behind our garden, and... only my autistic son at home.

The others are to school.

The girls already on their regular schedules, which will be adjusted next week (how come: regular?) and the only son left apart from the autistic one is to school to get a uniform (he'll be studying security) and a pile of books. he'll also get an introduction to the enormous building.

He doesn't need that. In fact he hates the building, and he knows that for sure after studying there for a year.
It feels like a prison: everyone needs to get a special ID or a visitors pass, and to use the elevators one needs to have a special pass.
It's like a city where you need to turn a key to enter a road.

The architect probably new of this and he designed a building that is: transparent.
Yep. It's almost all glass and windows.
Even the walls of the classrooms are kind of tranparent. They are huge glass windows/walls, with a broad strip of medium transparent one coloured photo.
You can see everyone walk by, step by step, but you can't see the face, because that merges with the faces on the semi-transparent photo.

Imagine to sit in such a room when you're dealing with ADHD. People walking by every so many minutes, You can see their socks and shoes, their bags, trousers or skirts. But not their faces.

This year his studies will bring him for months at other locations to learn his profession in the practical situation.
He's already telling me he's going to enjoy that a lot.

Well, I like a positive attitude towards learning, but I would like to see him more enthousiastic for the building, because that will facilitate learning too.
He needs to get through his theory exams to get his diploma.

I'm glad the school has found out that the building poses huge difficulties for people with ADHD.
They have special people now who work with students with ADHD to improve their planningskills and such.
But maybe they'd better have used the money to plaster those semi-transparent walls.


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