Monday, September 20, 2010

Responsibilities of car-owners

Changing rules and regulations in the USA make people feel uneasy.
Whereas in fact the requirements on car-owners are very reasonable.
Since august 2010 in the states, except New Hampshire car-owners should proof they can pay the cost for car damage and health injuries.

Here we've got a car insurance and legal repsonsibiliy insurance, and ofcourse health insurance. So everything is covered.
Added to that all cars should be seen for a professional check each year and one needs to get the repairs done because one needs to have a recent certificate to drive.
So owning a car here comes with lots of legal responsibilities.

In the USA people have the choice between cheap auto insurance companies and those which cost a lot of money.
So one needs a realistic view to know which costs one wants to be covered.

Especially young people make mistakes in the choice.
They overestimate their driving skills, which results in minor damage. But a couple of times a bit of damage adds up to real problems.
So they have to be very aware that young people will have more costs to deal with than older people.

So making the best choice is of utmost importance.

Well, it reflects the responsibility the governments wants. :)


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