Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Preparing for school

Today we've started preparing for school.

The schoolbooks haven't arrived yet and one of the girls feels really bothered by that.
She likes to have a good look at them before schools start.
It's her way of dealing with her dyslexia: being ahead of things.

Like every year at this time the house is changing drastically.

Summerclothes are worn for about the last time, autumnclothes are not yet worn, but we're getting them from the attick and air them. Which is not possible at the moment as the weather is absolutely crap. So they're waiting to be aired.
Pencils are sharpened, things are moved around.

Today the drill was finally brought home by one of the boys, so we were able to hang the clock from one of my grandmothers at a different place.
I can't throw it away because I know with how much persistance she saved her money, cent by cent, to buy the clock.
It doesn't work anymore, and it's not very special, so now it hangs on a different wall, which gave me a rather large place on one of the walls to put my buddhistic things on.

Today I've painted it, as someone put his dirty hands on the wall while taking the clock away.
No, that wasn't me.

Tomorrow I'll hang there a very nice mandala, a lovely thangka (painting on fabric of the godess Tara) and a card of the Dalai Lama with a very wonderful text.

It's interesting that I never cared for hanging anything religious in our room, but now I like my corner with buddhistic symbols. In fact we all do.

It's strange it's september and the vacation is over.
In a way I didn't even have the time to really enjoy the summer this year.
Too much going on, and the weather of the past month has been absolutely terrible. It feels like we've never had so much rain in one month.

We need a few days of sun. The brambles are so sour... ugh!!


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