Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The pharmacy... again!

Just the other day I wrote about mistakes of the pharmacy here.
Today I got my new bag of meds and had a very close look at everything.

This time I got all sorts of packages in all sorts of languages, ranging from Dutch and English to Spanish.
Tell me why I have to deal with spanish meds when they're made about 45 km from here?
After some bad experiences with greek meds I don't believe anymore that they're transported under strictly controled conditions. They contained the same, so I shouln't have experienced a difference.

This time they gave the wrong amount and dosage of a certain medication.
Instead of 120 mg it's 180. And instead of 90 tablets I got 25 of them.

I can't have ordered them in that amount as I take them every day, and none of the meds come in 25 pieces.

So back to the pharmacy.
No, they couldn't take them back. So we have to pay them anyway.
No, it was not their mistake and they couldn't reach the doc.

Back home on the phone.
Explaining the whole lot to the secretary.
Luckily I got the right one, who works there for over 15 years now.
But even to her I had to explain everything. "You can see I take them already so many years every day, that I know what I'm taking now. And I've got the mail so I can proof I've sent out the right order."

So she's sending a fax to the pharmacy and someone is going there to get the meds.

So that's a lot of effort for just a few pills. Time that could have been used in a far more pleasant way.


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