Monday, September 27, 2010

Parent's evenings

My agenda has never been as full as it is this month.
After the non-vacation one can either see it as a burden, or just consider it a lucky event. No way I can sit bored at home, trying to find out what to do next.
As if that ever happens!!

For all children we have meetings this week.
Most of them at school.
Most of them at the same evening.

We're lucky that the extra evening for one of the girls is about the same as one for the other girl, so that's solved.
One of the boys goes to a school we already know. I know what they're going to tell the first evening, I know the computer program they're using, and I've met the man in charge a while ago.

So that leaves us with tonight and wednesday.

It's raining cats and dogs, I have to go by bus. So that means waiting about half an hour to get back... knwoing there is someone going this way, lives only one street further, but who has a cleaning obsession. So she won't ask me to go with her by car.


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