Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our friends and their motorhomes

A few of our friends have spend their vacation travelling Europe in a moterhome.
It was the first time for all of them and they've all enjoyed it very much.

It's positive to be able to watch the weatherforecast and decide that travelling somewhere else is the best option.
With a motorhome one is free to leave and go anywhere.

In the past we never had a vacation like that. We either went by bus or train and thus were very limited to go elsehere.
I'm sure we'd had more vacations when we'd been able to afford a motorhome. My autistic kids had problems adjusting to a new place to sleep and a morothome would have been familiar enough for them to feel well.

Yesterday was a wonderful day here and many cleaned their motorhomes and prepared them for the winter.
One of the boys was asked to go with the owner for motorhome repairs.
They had to travel quite a long stretch, because they have the winteracomodation and the repairstation at another part of the country. They used to live there and want to live there again, so they never tried to find something more convenient in this part of the country.

When I asked my friend why he needed his motorhome checked he said he did it every year, because he wanted to know everything was done before the winter and the next vacationseason. he has a good and extended service plan, so he wouldn't be faced with extra costs.

Very wise.


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