Saturday, September 11, 2010

Now I know better

They had me fooled.

I believed people who worked in child protection did a fine job.
Now I know better.

I believed a judge would take cases serious and would be able to see through manipulations and reports without facts.
Now I know better.

My main argument in the courtcase was that there were no facts to be found in the report of child protection about us.
The judge even wrote that down.
It's nowhere to be found in the transcripts.

I know what I said, I wrote it down immediately after court.
And I wrote it down before, plenty of times as a reaction to the reports.

Yes... the judge finally decided, 9 days after she would make a decision!
During those 9 days I hoped she would have read the comments I'd written on the reports, but it's clear she hasn't.

Even worse. When we went to court we didn't know the name of the judge. They should have informed us.
When we went home, we didn't know the name.

Now I know the name. She's expeosed on internet as the judge who talks outside court about the cases with child protection.
We should have been able to ask for another judge. We would have if we'd known her name.

This is no justice, this is a plain violation of law and children's rights.

My kids are placed under supervision because I'm considered a bad mom.

The facts are however that a social worker planned to prevent me from working in my profession a few years ago, and my daughter used a lie to get attention for bullying at school. The whole system jumped on my daughter, making her say yes to things that never happened at all, and jumped on us stating that they would take our daughters from us when we would deny.

We didn't deny. We believed that child protection would see through the whole evil thing and find us a good and sound family.
Then a teacher at school spoke out against our daughter as revenge for her exposing him as leaning back instead of taking action against bullying.
He also said things about me and my relationship with my husband which are untrue.
Even though the spokesperson of school said that was not right the teacher was believed.

So here we are... parents under supervision.
That hurts so very deep, I can't tell you.

We should sue school and the teacher, we should appeal in court, but we just can't afford it.

We are placed under supervision whereas in fact school should be placed under supervision.
At home things are OK. We don't have problems raising the children.
The school had problems keeping the teachers in order and had problems dealing with bullying in that group.

Well, my girl was able to change things at school.
So's reached her goal and I'm very happy for her and the children involved.
But at what cost?

I'm a great mom. I know it. My kids know it.
My friends know it.

But I'm told straight in my face that I'm on the same line as unfit mothers, junkies and the like.

That hurts... I can tell you.

I trusted the system, I trusted the law.
But the law here doesn't care for facts... In fact the law wasn't even to write a proper transcript of what was said in court.


I feel such a fool.


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