Friday, September 17, 2010

No bullying anymore

The girls feel so happy in their new groups at school that it hurts my heart even more that they've had such a bad two years.

The contactperson of school said he'd guarantee this year would be better and it already is.

All I hear now when they come home from school are happy stories and fun things about boys and a lot of other subjects.
No need to mail to school or discuss negative issues.

One of the reasons to end supervision is a change of situation.
We have it here.
I'm sure these class teachers will tell a complete different story than the former ones did.
These are far more comitted to their pupils too.
One of the girls has had more compliments about how she dresses than she ever had in a whole year. In fact, her former teacher blabbed that she didn't dress to his likings.
Yep, that's the guy who stirred all the trouble.

Let's hope these supervisors are sensible people.


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