Monday, September 13, 2010

My babies and baby-carriers

It's not true that all autistic babies don't bond and it's not true they don't like physical contact with the mother.
Most of the autistic babies love to be close to their mother and they certainly bond with her.

In fact two of my autistic sons loved to be close to me and they needed to feel I was near to relax properly.

Even though I was hesistant to use it, I bought an ergo baby carrier and carried these young children with me.

Except when I was cooking, because I used to put them in their beds during cooking time so I wouldn't be caught between caring for my children and caring I wouldn't burn the whole house down. :)

I never used a carried when the children were newborn.
Some people do, but I doubt if that's good for them.
As long as I was able to carry them on my arm I would. Supporting the head and backbone, giving them plenty of freedom to move and develop their muscles.

The only times I used a carrier when the babies were newborn was when I had to go with the pram by bus.
We had to fold the pram before entering the bus, and where should one leave the baby?
You see. The carrier was great then!

But when they were a bit older the carrier saved my day so often that I took the carrier with me everywhere.
It enabled me to have both hands free and do whatever I needed to do, except heavy duty housework.

Some people even wear a carrier and baby on the bicycle, but I didn't do that. Imagine falling... No, that was a risk I wouldn't take.

Now the carriers (we had two) are upstairs, waiting for new children and parents to enjoy them.


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